Let's observe sunspots.

You must have been very busy doing your home renovations yourself, as well as working full-time.

Why would that bother Bryce?

Fewer people came than we were expecting.


The street behind my house is too narrow for delivery trucks.

There is nothing to be had at that store.

She froze at the sight of the big spider.

It took me ages to get through that book she lent me.

Why do we feel schadenfreude over others' suffering?

To lose weight, you must cut back on sweets.

How much time has passed?

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I have killed him.

Overpopulation is a big concern.

Yesterday morning, I harvested my potatoes. Because of the rain, they were partly rotten.


Jay gave Maria a diamond ring.


I have never met a person like him.

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That uncle of his often visited America.

I hate this song.

Bucky was looking at you.

Driving is a good holiday pastime.

Greg has been in the bathroom for quite a while.


What are you doing down there?

Her father is conservative and old-fashioned.

He may have said something about it, but I don't remember.

You are supposed to hand in the report by the end of this week.

It might be interesting.


Have you given Ravindran permission to leave?

We just want to buy enough for three people.

He ran the car into a lamppost.


It's not brain surgery, you know.

The population of the world will double before long.

Dora is an explorer.

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The police haven't questioned Loyd yet.

He grew up in Australia.

I don't know how she got my phone number.

I heard the good news.

I ate.

Do you have anything you'd like to tell me?

We're all stupid.

Stuart and Huashi have the same last name, but they aren't related.

We will win the day.


I respect them.

We went to law school together.

I think you can help us.

I can't take that risk.

Have you already signed the contract?


In Hawaii, one can enjoy sea bathing all the year round.

You should take notes.

Happy Mother's Day!

Jochen bought a dog for him.

I used to see Merton at least once a week.


I've heard about it. Your parents disappeared, running out on their debt didn't they?

Now, what else can I do for you?

We're making some progress.

He wants to dance.

I'm afraid my tonsils are swollen.

Courtney didn't kill anybody.

It's worth exploring.

Ozan asked Srivatsan to bring a salad to the party.

Charles's face lit up when Giovanni entered the room.

Randell and I talked to each other by phone.

I need you to back up now.


How long it is!

I'm thinking of going to Europe.

I pegged one up.


Lucius and Gregge played together almost all day.


Honey is made by honey bees.

I can't deal with this place.

You can play outside if you want to.

The English entered into the tea trade at that time.

The twenty-fifth of December is the first day of Christmas.

That sounds vaguely familiar.

She's both tall and fat.

Your dress is touching the wet paint.

I don't think what Susan did was wrong.

He showered her with expensive gifts.

You aren't qualified to be the leader.


Julianto is probably not even in Boston.


The dove is a famous symbol for peace.

At long last, you will get married in June.

My car broke down, so I had to take a bus.

We came up against massive popular resistance.

Bob is a museum curator.

Do you really want to raise these children by yourself?

What is the jacket made of?


I like to cook traditional dishes.

If it were not for television, the world would feel even larger.

They had to compromise during the trip.

I wouldn't be too sure about that.

Jayesh didn't even bother leaving a note.

Do you have any tattoos?

I am paid by the week.

Bernard can't give it to you now.

Is there anything you want me to buy for you?

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I'm pretty sure I didn't say that.

She lives across the street.

I'm calm.

I have finished shower.

The instinct of self-defense is inherent in any animal.


Krzysztof and Wilmer are both quiet.

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You must make up your mind, and that at once.

Did Indra tell you he's studying French?

Don't stare at me like that.


Who appointed them?

I'm doing a good job, aren't I?

He stayed there all the time.

On behalf of my classmates, let me say a few words of thanks to you.

I still don't know.

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Spenser's mother often scrutinizes him for every small mistake he makes.


You can always sleep on my couch.

She begged for something to drink.

I didn't try to kill him.

I know this is difficult.

Do you let your children drink coffee?


Please lend me your book.


This is the latest acquisition to my library.

Clark stood in line for an hour.

Come on, Toft. You don't believe that Sehyo did that on purpose, do you?

He is old enough to be her father.

As was the custom in those days, he married young.

The police recovered the stolen money.

We have to run now.

The forest was dark.

The word "hybrid" is derived from the Latin "hybrida".

Brendan looked a little surprised.

Tracey said he'd be in a meeting until 2:30.

We have seen the best of our time.

There's no place like home.

Stop hurting me.

Farmed fish are cheaper than wild ones and the taste is only "so-so".

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I'm looking forward to your Halloween party.

I'm almost certain that Clara will get into the university of his choice.

Sorry, I can't accommodate you.

He was looking for this very thing.

I thought you'd been notified.

The matter of his successor is still under debate.

Manners and customs vary greatly from country to country.

He has done much for his company.

You must study hard and learn many things.

I don't see what's wrong with that.

We have some questions that we'd like to ask you.

I love animals.

Francis is very honest with Duncan.

Raj, Miek and John are seated around the table.

He opened up his heart to her.

Rick is involved.

Cars, buses, and trucks are all vehicles.

I told them I was hungry.

I don't know where you are going.

The air is very good in Beijing today.

Whenever I get ready to go shopping, he invariably starts getting on my back.


She blames me for the fact that our married life isn't going well.

He is making the document now.

She will without a doubt visit England this summer.


You seem to hate women.


Gil never wanted to let go of Sandip's hand.


Nguyen is fishing now.


"How do you have your coffee?" "White with two, thanks."

Liz was a soldier's soldier.

He pretended not to hear his boss.


London, where I live, used to be famous for its fog.

That man is unworthy of you.

I wanted to warn you.

I've finished writing the letter.

He seldom writes to his father.


You've earned this, Sho.